Interior Panelling Designs - Bangalore

Panelling is a wall or partition covering made traditionally using interlocking wood or other rigid or semi-rigid components like plastic, fiber etc. Many modern houses have Panelling in their designs in order to increase the overall beauty of the interiors.

The concept of Panelling was developed in the olden days to make individual rooms in stone-made buildings extra comfortable. The panels provided insulation to the rooms from the cold stone. In modern architecture Panelling is mainly used as a decorative item. Panelling is considered to be a supplement in the interior beauty of buildings. The two major types of Panelling are Wainscoat Panelling and Boiserie. Both these styles gained importance and acceptance in the 18th century Victorian architectural style. Many modern buildings also opt for Panelling because of the special charm it gives to the interiors.

As in the case of all other interior designing aspects we are specialists in Panelling too. We choose the best interior panels for you after taking into consideration your views and suggestions. We would also clarify all the doubts you have about the designs. Many designs will be available for you to choose from in terms of Panelling. You can also customize the designs on your panels.

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